18.909 Mitglieder mit Depression

Clinical depression is not ordinary sadness. It is one of a number of serious illnesses called mood disorders that disrupt a person’s normal way of feeling, thinking and behaving. In major depressive disorder (MMD), a person suffers from feelings of hopelessness for long periods of time. Depression is marked by lack of energy and interest in regular activities and by changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Persistent feelings of despair and debilitating physical symptoms—which can include muscle and joint pain, insomnia, and disruption of attention and memory—lead to suicide in 15% of people struggling with depression. Studies show that depression is also a contributing factor to life-threatening coronary disease.

Häufig zur Behandlung verwendete Medikamente:



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Name Patientenzahl Schweregrad
Bupropion 6% Mäßig
Fluoxetine 5% Mäßig
Venlafaxine 5% Mäßig
Sertraline 5% Mäßig
Mirtazapin 5% Mäßig
Citalopram 5% Mäßig
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